STALLION and STABALID consortia have held their joint final seminar during the IRES/ESE conferences in Düsseldorf on March 10, 2015.

Supporting the deployment of safe Li-ion stationary batteries for large-scale grid applications

A flavor of the presentations can be found in the presentation that was given at the IRES2015 conference: Safety of large stationary Li-ion systems.

In recent years, with the deployment of renewable energy sources, transition of electrical networks towards “smart grid”, and advances in electrified transportation, the markets for large-scale stationary energy storage have grown rapidly.

Today lithium-ion battery technology, as a well-known electrochemical energy storage method, has been widely applied in consumer electronics because of the high energy density of the system. The technology also has advantages of flexibility and scalability. It is a favorite for large-scale application in electric vehicles, as well as a promising solution for stationary applications.

However, the market penetration of such systems will depend on their safety and reliability since the size and energy content of stationary battery systems exceed those of batteries for household applications and even electric vehicles. A clear safety framework for large stationary Lithium Ion batteries in all stages of their life cycle is highly in demand.